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Training Board And Leasing Options

Base Board – $875.00 per month ($988.75 with tax)
Half Board/Leases – $450 per month ($508.50 with tax)

Base board is due monthly on the first of each month and includes:

  • regular feed and shavings;
  •  booting and blanketing;
  • the use of farm vet and farrier schedules; and
  • daily turnout (subject to weather, etc.)

Extra charges will apply for daily hand-walking, bandaging, or ultrasound. The use of farm equipment will be included for a short duration only, following which time a rental charge will apply. Owners are responsible for their own tack, equipment, vitamins, farrier charges, and veterinary invoices. All horses at SFR are subject to the farm’s vaccination, deworming, and quarantine schedules (for the health and safety of all our horses, absolutely no exceptions to these will be made).

*Please note that base board must also include a training package or a minimum management fee of $100 will be added to your invoice and is subject to management approval.

Lessons with Resident Trainer Colleen Howard/below fees payable to and invoiced by Colleen

Two Lessons Per Week – $325.00 per month ($367.25 with tax) (eight lessons)

This applies in addition to the regular board fee, and is due monthly on the first of the month. Months containing five weeks are subject to a surcharge. All boarding clients are subject to a minimum of this package when competing. These are show group lessons of approximately one hour in duration*and consisting of approximately four to six participants**. If you are absent, then rides will apply and no make-ups will be available. Included is the supervision and administration of your horse’s care and ride schedule, no credits will apply for missed lessons. Additional rides/lessons are $45.

Private Lessons

Private lessons (approximately 45 minutes long) are available at a cost of $75 per session.
*Lessons may be in the form of a theory based on weather conditions or extenuating circumstances.
*Please note that group lessons, regardless of the number of participants, are planned for an hour in duration; however, they may be longer or shorter, depending on the individual needs of each client and/or horse.
**Although every effort is made, particularly during the winter months, to keep the lessons to a maximum of four horses/riders, scheduling conflicts can sometimes result in up to six riders participating in a lesson.

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