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Academy Riding Lessons

At Stratford-Fox Run we provide safe school horses to all levels of our academy riders. Our instructors are experienced and share information in a positive manner. Beginners are taught the basics, starting with correct brushing and tacking up techniques, followed by one on one time in the saddle on the lunge line. All students are taught correct horsemanship skills, both on the ground and in the saddle. Whether you wish to ride for pleasure or achieve success in the competition ring, our team can help you reach your goals in a friendly and safe learning environment.

Pricing 2020

All of the below pricing is ONLY available if purchased in advance, payment is due on the first of each month for that month’s, not the previous month’s lessons. A late fee of $25 will apply to all late payments made after the 10th of each month.

*All prices subject to HST

1. Beginner/Lunge Lessons
$62 per lesson available in packages of 4 ($248.00) ($280.24 with Tax)
$85 per lesson purchased individually
Riding time is 30 minutes, 15 minutes to tack up and 15 minutes to untack for a total of an hour.
This includes the preparation before and after riding time (learning the required skills of tacking up and un-tacking).

2. Group Lessons (max 5)
$50.00 per lesson available in monthly packages of 4 ($200.00) ($226.00 with Tax)
$65 if purchased individually
Until no longer necessary, this will include preparation before and after riding time (tacking up and un-tacking). Lesson time is 45 minutes to 1 hour total time.

3. Group Lessons with Head Coach
$62 per lesson available in packages of 4 ($248) ($280.24 with tax)
$75 if purchased individually
Lesson time is 45 minutes to 1 hour total time.

4. Semi-Privates
$75 each *45 minutes in length

5. Privates
$90 each *30 minutes in length

6. Assessment lessons
$65 an hour this will include (tacking up and un-tacking).

7. Professional Time
Appointments can be scheduled to discuss student goals and to review progression. These are set with a senior member of the team and are available at a cost of $25 for every 15 minutes blocked.

*Please note that in months with five weeks, your invoice will reflect the number of weeks in that month. Payable in advance, on first of the month.

If a client is unable to commit to every lesson during the semester, an administration fee or “Hold your spot” for the missed lesson time will apply; this will be $80 per month or $20 per week, whichever is less expensive.

Please download our policy and registration form.

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