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Academy Riding Lessons 2023

At Stratford-Fox Run we provide safe school horses to all levels of our academy riders. Our instructors are experienced and share information in a positive manner. Beginners are taught the basics, starting with correct brushing and tacking up techniques, followed by one on one time in the saddle on the lunge line. All students are taught correct horsemanship skills, both on the ground and in the saddle. Whether you wish to ride for pleasure or achieve success in the competition ring, our team can help you reach your goals in a friendly and safe learning environment.

2023 Pricelist and Policies for Academy Students

  • Programming is year-round.
  • Block fees include lessons, preparation time and administration.
  • Thirty days’ written notice to discontinue attendance is required of all students.
  • Program commitments are for 2 months, lessons are run once or twice per week and are sold in blocks of 8 or 16.
  • Lessons must be used within the 2-month period or block of purchase.
  • Lesson and day camp fees are non-refundable.
  • Lessons will not be made up nor carried over into the next block (please see Lesson Recovery Policy).
  • Payment is due on the first of each invoicing month in advance of lessons to secure space in the calendar.
  • Theory lessons may take the place of riding in the event of extreme weather.

Lesson Blocks

1. January & February
2. March & April
3. May & June
4. July & August
5. September & October
6. November & December

*Subject to availability, clients joining a block mid-session will be charged the remainder of the block’s fees.

Lesson Recovery Policy

If you miss one of your weekly pre-paid lessons for any reason and provide us with 24 hours notice, the option of recovering one lesson will be made available to you during the 2-month block. This recovered lesson will be with an available instructor. If you are unable to attend, there will be no credit or refund.

More than Pre-Purchased Lessons used per Block

In 2-month sessions where there are more than 8 (or 16) lessons used, any extra lessons used in addition to your pre-purchase may be used as recovery lessons or banked into your next block.

Lessons cancelled by SFR management that cannot be recovered within the same block will be carried into the next block. All pricing is subject to HST.



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