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Competition Boarder Training and Competition Fees 2021

$325.00 per month for 8 lessons/rides ($367.25 with tax)
This applies in addition to the regular board fee, and is due monthly on the first of the month. Months containing five weeks are subject to a surcharge. All boarding clients are subject to a minimum of this package when competing. These are show group lessons of approximately one hour in duration* and consisting of approximately four to six participants (in normal times, limits apply during ongoing pandemic)**. If you are absent, then rides will apply and no make-ups will be available.

Included is the supervision and administration of your horse’s care and ride schedule, no credits will apply for missed lessons.

Additional rides/lessons are $45 each when purchased in addition to the package or in months with five weeks.

Private Lessons
Private lessons (approximately 45 minutes in length) are available at a cost of $75 per session.

Group Lessons: $45 if purchased individually.

Competition Coaching Fees
Silver & Bronze $100 Coaching per day, per rider

Gold Fees for monthly package users:
• $100 day care, per day
• $35 Coaching per competition day
• Accommodations, golf cart rental splits are additional

Gold Fees for non-package users/ship-ins:
• $50 per training day in addition to the above fees

Horse Transportation
Transportation is contracted to a third party service, rates are variable. Rates are approximately $125-$150 per competition (based on 2019 rates and subject to change).

*Please note that base board must also include a training package or a minimum management fee of $100 will be added to your Boarding invoice.

*Please note that group lessons, regardless of the number of participants, are planned for an hour in duration; however, they may be longer or shorter, depending on the individual needs of each client and/or horse.

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