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Friends of SFR…

During these unprecedented times, we have been incredibly moved by your kindness and support for the month of April and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

Our wish for every one of our barn family is for you, and your respective families to stay well and be safe.

Sponsor A School Horse During COVID-19

We are reaching out to you today to share that we are in this for the duration. We will return to our lesson schedule as soon as we are able to open our doors again.

At the time of writing this letter the city of Ottawa has prohibited gatherings until June 30. With that announcement we have been led to believe that we will remain closed until at least that date with the strong possibility of having to remain closed for most of the summer months.

For what would have been our busiest business months, we find ourselves closed for the safety of everyone. We are facing the same monthly operational expenses and with our lesson horses unable to work we are implementing the “Support a Working or Retired School Horse Program”. With this program, if you are able, you can choose one of your favourite horses or retired horses to help. All funds will go directly to their monthly hay, shavings, vet and farrier expenses.

All supporters will be invited for a post pandemic private farm visit with the horse or pony they choose to support and be entered into a draw to receive a two month package of complimentary lessons.

All of the horses and ponies miss their students and look forward to when they can resume their lessons. The special care, love and treats were greatly appreciated!

Hi Ho

My name is Hi-Ho a warmblood gelding and my show name is Polaris Pointe, I was one of the best horses that my owners ever bought for the riding academy. I was a great hunter show horse, did auto lead changes, had a very cute jump and you can still ride me bareback today! At 30, I live in the field now with my dear friends and I want to say hello to all the humans who used to ride me!


I was known in competitions as Rodrigo and my barn name is Ricky. I used to do the jumpers for my people and went to many shows like Bromont and Beaulieu. I’m a Westphalen and at 27 I live out with my buddy Wesley. I was a few people’s favourite and miss seeing them these days but I’m happy here!


For many of you alumni and current riders, I would have been the first pony you sat on. I’m very white now but when I was younger I was a grey pinto. I’m sure you have already guessed it, my name is Daisy and when I used to compete they called me Raggedy Anne, I have been with Team SFR for over 20 years and my buddy is Simon. Miss you all!


My name is Simon Says, Simon at home. I’m a very fancy grey welsh cross pony who is a proud member of the grey pony club. I have a little bit of pony character but I’m not mean just sometimes have my own ideas. I enjoy my student visits and look forward to the attention. Hope we can get together soon!


Hey there! I’m Stryker a Quarter Horse gelding and I’m awesome. I am bomb proof safe, non-chalant and easy going. My riders can always count on me to be sane and rational. I live outside because I really don’t like my stall but I like to look after my peeps.


Hi I’m Peachy, Peach Cream when I go to the shows. I’m a bit shy but love my students, do my lead changes and introduce my humans to the competitions. I enjoy showing little ones the ropes, giving them the confidence to succeed and look forward to when everyone comes back to see us!


Holly here, at Stratford-Fox Run I teach the brand new students the ropes, I help my riders grow confident and strong. Many move on to other ponies and horses but I feel loved and enjoy my teaching time.


I’m a sassy paint, with great spirit and am very good natured. I am pretty cute going, jump well and do my lead changes. If you see me at a show they call me Chubby Picnic and I enjoy winning! I hope to see everyone back soon!


I’m Almost Famous and Cassie in the barn. I’m a very pretty paint mare, a good jumper, and I can succeed in both the hunter and jumper rings. I like good groomings and regular rides. I really like riders who bring me treats! Looking forward to your return!


I’m a chestnut pony who is very kind, my name is Skye and I’m a little nervous but like my lesson time. I haven’t had a chance to go out and compete yet, and I am looking forward to it. Let’s hope we can get together to practice again soon!

Moon Sprite

I’m Moon Sprite and I love my kids, right now I’m off babysitting a lovely mare and will be back when I can work again. I’m getting really well treated where I am and send my best wishes to everyone!


Hi everyone! My name is Juno, I’m a bay mare with a little cut in my ear that makes me unique, I got it when I was little! I love to jump, go on hacks and I have a cute little expression! I love attention so I can’t wait until we can get back at it and I can see you all again!

Our horses are all retired here on the property after they have finished their careers as teachers.

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